Ever wanted to link to a specific slide in a power point presentation from outside the power point presentation?

It's easy to do it inside the power point presentation (Insert>Hyperlink>Point to a location inside this file).  But if your trying to link it from outside the presentation, you just add the number sign and the number of the slide.  IE: to point to slide 3  on file presentation.ppt, just use presentation.ppt#3 .

I'm now going to link to slide 7 on a power point presentation I composed about email, the slide I link to talks about the level of privacy you should expect in email.  Email Privacy  

One more thing I should add.  Another website says that you should put: filename.ppt#slideNumber,slideIndex .  But... I don't know what the slide index is, or where to find it, and it seems to work if you leave it out, but hey, here's warning ya. Index Link  <= Although on this one I just put in filename.ppt#0,slideNumber  so i've got no idea how this is working exactly.

I've done some testing, and so far I've found the "index" link to work on Win98 and the specific link to work on Windows 2000.  Still not exactly sure how it's working.


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