This is a transcript of a conversation that I and my brother had back in the summer of 2000.  We pick up the conversation at the relevant part:

kilo5: brb duty calls
kilo5: for my 1337 skills
cycomer: what's that?
kilo5: you've never heard of "elite" being spelled as "1337"?
kilo5: i'm led to believe it's all the rage among skript kiddies
cycomer: oh that's what they mean. I never knew
cycomer: too embarrassed to ask
cycomer: I don't see how you get elite out of that though
kilo5: oh yeah, oh and I'm led to believe that "w00t" doesn't actually stand for/mean anything
cycomer: people say that a lot here
kilo5: w00t is supposed to be the sound your eyebrows make when you raise them in surprise
cycomer: oic
kilo5: but i think it's "evolved" to just be the same thing as "whoo hoo"
kilo5: woo hoo
cycomer: ic. so what about 1337
kilo5: 1337 = leet
kilo5: 1 = l
kilo5: 3 = e
kilo5: 7 = t
kilo5: i don't know how the hell 7 got to be t
kilo5: but it's there
kilo5: and it's all the "hacker" rage to spell words phonetically (like they sound rather than correctly)
cycomer: that's a stretch man
kilo5: so at first it was hackers telling each other that they were leet, and no one could touch their mad haxor skilz
cycomer: I use "mad" a lot
kilo5: then script kiddies went a step further to distance themselves from polite society by changing almost all letters into numbers or symbols so that no one could see what they were tying to each other in their "secret" language
kilo5: |\/||132
kilo5: |\/| = m
kilo5: | = i
kilo5: 1 = l
kilo5: 3 = e
kilo5: 2 = s
cycomer: do me, do me!
kilo5: at least i think 2 = s
kilo5: ah shit, what's c?
cycomer: no idea
kilo5: &\|
kilo5: \| = y
cycomer: ok
cycomer: cool
cycomer: so what's a script kiddie. a programmer?
kilo5: oh but hey, just a sec, there is supposed to be this program that will convert you words into "leet speak" in "real-time"
kilo5: nah man, a "script kiddie" is supposed to be a "hacker" who doesn't follow the "hacker ethic" and in therefore a "cracker"
cycomer: oh jeez
cycomer: oh ok
kilo5: you see a "hacker" is someone who is interested in computers purely for the love of it all, the 1's and 0's and the pieces of metal and magnets that make them all work
cycomer: oh I always thought hacker had a negative connotation
kilo5: a "cracker" is someone who hacks into and puts up a picture of a windows logo burning and says that Linux will destroy Microsoft and then goes out and steals some credit card numbers so he can buy the latest copy of windows for free, he also deals in illegal copying of software
cycomer: ok. man this is the most I've learned today. go on
kilo5: a "script kiddie" is someone who doesn't know anything else about computers but spends all day searching for "1337 haxors" tools that he can use to put a big picture of a penis on the FBI's website and say "cops suck" before getting arrested at his house because he doesn't know anything about how to cover his tracks
kilo5: I'm led to believe they are also the one's who have the illegal version of Photoshop, but only use it to look at porn
cycomer: cy = wannabe hacker
cycomer: script kiddies suck
kilo5: yeah i want to be a hacker too, need to learn me some Linux
kilo5: that and C++
cycomer: so they talk in that 2bit code cause they think they are being secret?
kilo5: well that and to "identify" them as a "haxor", see "script kiddie" is considered an insult, even to them
cycomer: haxor = hacker right?
kilo5: haxor = cracker, "hacker" is supposed to be a guy who's like the Dali lama and can do no harm, he may break into your system, the same way a "cracker" would, but he won't fuck up your website, instead he'll put his name in the comment section of your index page and then send you an email telling you how he got in and if you really do want a secure site you need to do a, b, and c
kilo5: but the "script kiddies" who call themselves "haxor"
kilo5: 's
cycomer: ok yeah I can see why.
kilo5: are kids who don't want to take the time to learn security and linux and C++, they just want to download a tool that asks them what URL they want to hack and they can just type it in and that's all they work that they should have to do
kilo5: the latest "script kiddie" craze is DDOS
cycomer: what's that?
cycomer: why would a hacker or a cracker for that matter make tools like that?
kilo5: DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service attack is where you put a "trojan horse" virus on many many many other peoples computers, and then aim it at the latest website to say "i don't think i like script kiddies very much"
cycomer: also I guess rather you consider someone a hacker or a cracker is subjective
kilo5: totally
kilo5: all these many many many other computers then start sending out "ping" requests that are 6MB in size
kilo5: you get around 100+ (best to have cable modem drones) and you can bring down a "amateur" site
cycomer: I can see that
kilo5: now whenever you or i try to go to (etc) our one tiny little request for data gets lost in the flood of 6MB ping packets and we get back a "cannot find server" message
kilo5: "but I can see it, it's right here. Why can't you find it?"
kilo5: well Eddie Izzard was talking about a printer, but I digress
cycomer: you should put this info on your website
kilo5: :) maybe I will millhouse, maybe i will
cycomer: yeah
kilo5: oh earlier you asked about "why would people make these tools"?
kilo5: brb
cycomer: I'm checking out nice absence on ads
kilo5: printer problems
kilo5: yeah, $30 for 6 months, figured I'd spring for it with the job search and all
kilo5: brb
cycomer: that's a great price. I pay 50 I think every 4 months for FrontPage access. but damn that makes things so much easier.
cycomer: this guy kept a log of his IT tasks. pretty funny.
cycomer: not dirty
cycomer: and on that subject. I would never send you something that was not appropriate besides a few bad words. I would not be looking at that stuff from work and if I did send you something like that from home or something I'll warn you.
kilo5: good deal, Adria once sent me a link and put "you might not want to read this at work" the tension was unbearable, I finally sent it to Kimmy and told her to open it and tell me what it was
cycomer: :))
cycomer: you could have used safeweb
cycomer: not anymore though
kilo5: oh you've read some BOFH? I came across him reading some absurd notions comics one day, and then ubersoft had a link to some of his stories once
cycomer: he's out of control
cycomer: hey, since you've got the 411 on slang. what does 818 mean like. "Don't get all 818 on me."
kilo5: okay I think I've got it
kilo5: i believe that 818 is the phone prefix for the San Fernando Valley in Sunny California
kilo5: and telling someone to "not go all 818 on them" is probably some sort of insult to mean not to freak out on them, or something
cycomer: man I could not find that anywhere. thanks
kilo5: near as I can tell, geez, those crazy Californians
cycomer: I heard it on Go
kilo5: but anyway, earlier you asked "why would a hacker/cracker make a tool that would let a script kiddie do that"?
kilo5: a "bona-fide hacker" might make one so that you could use it to check your own systems to make sure they are secure, but if a "bona-fide hacker" did it, then it probably wouldn't do any damage
kilo5: however a "cracker" would probably do it, and then give it to some unlucky bastard and woo him with tales of it's power and encourage him to use it on some unsuspecting victim. now he's got two show's for the price of one and almost no liability or risk
cycomer: I was thinking that too
kilo5: the "skript-kidde" takes down some site like and then the cracker gets to watch the site go down, and then watch the "script kiddie" hauled away on the nightly news
cycomer: yep
cycomer: man that would be funny


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