Iíd rather switch than fight!

I was surprised when it came time to take my A+ exam (1998 flavour) and found questions about using switches during the boot process for Windows 95. Well, they have switches in Windows 98 too, and they can be useful if you are troubleshooting a machine that will not boot correctly. These switches can be added to Win.com and loaded by your Autoexec.bat file. Autoexec.bat will be used if there is an entry in it, and by specifying load = win /*, with the * being the switch in question, that command will be performed. Most of the time, we would use the win /d:whatever -- the d being the disable command, and the whatever being, well, whatever it is we are disabling.

If Windows 98 stalls during boot, the problem may be the 32-bit drivers. You can disable them with the command win /d:f -- I donít know why the programmers chose something as unrelated as f for 32-bit drivers, but hey.

If you want to start in Safe Mode, and you are like me (I sometimes find it hard hitting F5 at just the right moment), you can add the switch win /d:m. Maybe they meant m as in minimum files loaded.

If you have your machine networked, and you want to start it in Safe Mode with Networking drivers loaded, the command would be win /d:n

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