A social network page rank

New page rank:
What if you signed into google (which you can already do) and defined a set group of other email addresses that were your "acquantinces", then overtime you could upgrade them to "friends" or "trusted advisor" or even downgrade them to "suspicious" or "enemy".

You then also have the ability (say with the google toolbar) to actively upgrade or downgrade a site. Maybe a bright green color (green means go) for sites you like or were helpful, and a bright red color (red means stop) for sites you don't like or thank are scammers. You could also put variations on full green or full red, maybe just half green if it was a little helpful, but didn't give the full answer, or half red if you feel the site was made by a crazy person, but nothing to actually be a threat of taking your money or infecting your computer.

Then when you do a search, the pages would still be in the same order, but instead of the white background, the background is tinted green if one of your friends liked it, or if a friend of a friend liked it it would be almost the same color green. But for a site that say an "enemy" liked, it would have a red background, if one of your friends had an enemy but you didn't, that result would show up just a little red.

Thus, you search for "digital camera reviews", and sites like 'Steves DigiCams' show bright green backgrounds because several of your friends and friends of friends found good info there. But a sight like 'DigiCam Extreme' shows a light red background because none of your friends have ever heard of it, but a friend of a friend of a friend (repear 3 times) thought the layout of the site made it unhelpful so he downgraded it.

What do you guys think?