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NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart : How do I fix NTLDR is missing or get a new one?

Want to increase your efficiency and speed during online surfing? Check out my idea for a "Home Page Jump Point"

The install disc for Jabra A320s that supports Windows 98SE ME 2000 XP

Need a bootable drive to fix Windows boot errors? Download a generic windows pe disk iso

Speed: Using CCleaner to disable startup programs

Does Yahoo Mail not even show attachments if they are certain PDF documents? Try switching Yahoo Mail to Basic, and after you are done, you can switch Yahoo Mail back to Full so that email addresses auto-complete in the To field.

Ever wanted to make PDF files for yourself?  Well you can, with a program called GhostScript.  It took me hours to figure out how to do it, and now you can benefit from that by reading my write up: Doc2PDF
And now: ps2pdf no portugu√™s .  (I decided to put up a Portuguese version of this page after I found out I got over 600 hits for "ps2pdf" at but if you look at google's translated version of the page it renames some of the commands, which have to be in English for it to work, so I corrected (as best I could since I don't speak Portuguese) and posted it.

You can also combine / connect / stitch together / consolidate multiple PDF files into a single PDF file with PDFMerge (local copy) that also uses GhostScript. (Note, when working in the dos box window, you sometimes have to press the down arrow multiple times to get it to move down the list of files; if you have problems merging large files, first "merge" just a single file and it will make the file size much smaller, then merge these smaller files).

Reg Fix for IE8 Corrupted Search files/ mentioned here

Installing Windows XP from USB? Get an extra USB drive and follow this guide: and I made backups of the files here notes/files/SMARTDRV.EXE notes/files/ notes/files/physdiskwrite.exe (You can copy the Smartdrv.exe after you make the wxpboot.ima drive then run it before winnt.exe)

Do you trust your friends and mistrust strangers? Here's my idea for a social network related page rank.

Trying to install Windows XP and can't press F8 in setup to accept the License Agreement? Turn off F-Lock on the keyboard.

Ever wonder why some website addresses have www in front of them while others don't?  Find out why in "To www, or not to www?"

A conversation I had with my brother regarding the differences between Hackers/Cracker/SkriptKiddies.  A little dated, but funny.  I read in a 2003 Spring Issue of the magazine 2600 in the letters section, a response was written that we should stop having the whole "Hackers vs. Crackers" semantic argument and just call people who break the law "Criminals".  I like that idea better than what is contained in the my conversation, but you make your own decision.

Submitted your site to a search engine?  Help yourself be seen by including keywords in the metatags of the page.

Want to link to a specific slide in a power point presentation from outside the file? How to create an external link to a specific slide in a power point presentation.

Windows Media Players Library has an option to rate songs.  But it's specific to that computer and that user that is logged in.  Write up on how to export the rating in Windows Media Player

Creating a boot disk for Norton Ghost? How to make Norton Ghost Boot Disk for Marvell Yukon nic.

Network Storage space solution: Store once and all reference.

Other Quick Fix-It Notes (Not Miles Comer Originals): (From various sources: Microsoft Knowledge Database / and the magazine Maximum PC / ZDNet / Woody's Watch / CramSession / BrainBuzz / WhatIsMyIP )

Got Windows XP Pro at home?  Try this tweak to turn off the QoS Bandwidth Limitation. (From MaximumPC)

Is Windows XP working?  Let's keep it that way by creating a Windows XP Boot Disk. (From MSKB)

How to disable Windows Messenger in WinXP: Microsoft KB Article q302089. (From MSKB)

Did Windows boot properly? Or just kick the bucket? Try these switches to get into Win98: Win9xSwitches (From CramSession)

What is my IP address to the outside world? (From WhatIsMyIP)

Do you want to change the Windows XP search to look more like the windows 2000 search?  You can turn off the search assistant by editing the registry. (From MaximumPC)

Do you want to stop the "word balloons" in Windows XP?  You can turn off the pop up balloons by editing the registry. (From MaximumPC)

Running Windows XP with 128MB of RAM or less? Disable Prefetch or delete old prefetchs (From TechRepublic and MaximumPC)

Even shorter notes

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