What's "Tiny Empire"? Hi I'm Miles Comer, and back in 2001 I wanted to get a .com address for all my projects that didn't have my name on it. I was watching an online Dilbert comic and the pointy haired boss had a quote of "I can do it, but only if you add people to my Tiny Empire!".

Since then, a few others have also loved the oxymoron including a group of independent comic artists, a juice bar in NY, and a marketing and web design company.

Did you come hear about trying to fix "NTLDR is missing"? Maybe looking for the boot disk sold by Lazesoft at ntldrismissing.com? It's by far my most popular page on this site. I even tweet about it @ntldrismissing . I also have @tinyempire but don't often use it.

Other pages on the site is a section of technical notes and ideas, including that NTLDR one; and MyJumpPoint. If you think I'm not doing much with this site, I'm open to purchase offers, contact details at milescomer.com

Google scans the pages and drives traffic here, and when that happens, there's money to be made, which is why you see:

Have some alphabet soup.