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Have some alphabet soup.

The InOutFileServer: consisted of one of those boxes you see in office desks that people will drop off new projects in the "In" box and once you get done you put your completed work in the "Out" box.  That's just the back story, you can read my description of how we fit a computer into it, or check out how my partner talks about it over at his website.


Future Projects:

Peripheral Monster: I plan to get a laptop and have a setup like the one I've listed below. I'll have them all set up on a system to have them all networked and sharing the same peripherals.

Aptiva ---Cat5--- Router and Hub    
Laptop ---Cat5--- ---Cat5--- Cable Modem
InOutFileServer ---Cat5---    
Aptiva Monitor1 ---Vid--- ---Vid--- ---Vid--- 21" Monitor
Aptiva Monitor2 ---USB, PS/2, Vid--- KVM ---PS/2--- Keyboard, Mouse
Laptop ---USB, PS/2, Vid--- ---Vid--- 15" Monitor
InOutFileServer ---USB, PS/2, Vid--- ---USB--- Camera/Printer/Scanner

Home Movies: I'm probably going to move into a bigger apartment some day (soon I hope) and have a room dedicated to the computers and televisions.  I'm thinking about having 3 desks arranged in a horseshoe formation with electronic stuff organized around me, and a couch in the back of the room for visitors.  Two rolling chairs will be in the room with space to move them to the sides if need be so that two people can play games head to head, or one person can use both computers.

If your interested in seeing more mods or getting involved yourself, check out: RizeNet.com or doing a search for Case Mods.

I suppose I should come clean and mention that in the strictest sense of the word "Case Mods" refers to building a "normal" computer, and then changing the outside of the case (or making the inside visible and changing how it looks).  I suppose what I'm actually doing is just making the computer do different things that especially suit my computer needs.


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