Index.html; What's "Tiny Empire"? Hi I'm Miles Comer, and back in 2001 I wanted to get a .com address for all my projects that didn't have my name on it. I was watching an online Dilbert comic and the pointy haired boss had a quote of "I can do it, but only if you add people to my Tiny Empire!".

Since then, a few others have also loved the oxymoron including a group of independent comic artists, a juice bar in NY, and a marketing and web design company. I know because I occasionally get their emails or been approached about selling.

Did you come hear about trying to fix "NTLDR is missing"? It's by far my most popular page on this site. I even tweet about it @ntldrismissing . I also have @tinyempire but don't often use it.

Other pages on the site is a section of technical notes and ideas, including that NTLDR one; a page about some case mods; overclocking; reviews; temp; and MyJumpPoint. On Myers hosting.

Google scans the pages and drives traffic here, and when that happens, there's money to be made, which is why you see:

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Have some alphabet soup.